Answers to Common Questions 

Terror in the Timbers is a new style of Halloween attraction celebrating all that is great about the thrills and scares of the season while staying safe during these unusual times.  We've tried to lay out how the event will go but it makes sense to have questions.  Hopefully you'll find your answer here.  If not, feel free to here or on Facebook.


Will the actors be touching my car? 

Actors may touch the the cars with gloved (covered) hands. The touch will be light. There is no heavy banging or punching of vehicles allowed. If you prefer no touch, please let the ticketing attendant know this and you will receive a glow stick to signal a toned down Halloween experience. 

Q: I purchased a ticket for 7pm, why am I going in later than I reserved?
A: It's true that sometimes entrance times may vary from your ticket reservation.  Timed ticketing is a way for Terror in the Timbers to operate a safe and effective attraction and improve traffic flow.  However, due to a variety of circumstances (weather, duration of cars ahead of you, etc.) we may get behind.  Your entry time may vary from the time you purchased but if you purchased a reservation, we will get you through.  One exception is if we are forced to close for extreme weather events.  We apologize in advance for any delays to your entrance time.

How long will it take me to complete the Terror in the Timbers Haunted Drive?

It is difficult to quote the exact length of time it would take you to navigate our event due to potential unforeseen circumstances i.e. the speed of the driver in front of you, weather etc. It is our intention to provide a terrifying, fun and safe experience for all of our patrons.  Our test runs have been timed between 18 and 23 minutes to complete the course.

Allow additional time if you purchased the 'add-on" ticket for the Trail of Terror Haunted Hike and Midway area.


Is the family fun and the terror trail the same? 

You will be going through our regular trail without the "scary" stuff so you will see our sets and props (scary props will be covered). We will have some staff dressed up in costumes, but once again in a non-scary way.


For the family fun event are there Halloween decorations/setups or is it just staff handing out candy? 

Guests will be driving our regular trail so you will see sets and props in daylight.  Candy will be handed out by staff in street clothes.


I hope I don’t run over an actor. How do you stop that from happening?

We take safety very seriously here for both staff and those visiting. We train our actors on how to scare safely and never put them in a position where they can be harmed.  Visitors enter a controlled scene with a 3 light sequence. We utilize a green light, red light, green light sequence. The green light allows the vehicle to enter the scene. Then the red light means stop (in the designated scare zone) where the customer puts the car into Park. That is when the performance begins. Actors are never allowed in front of cars. The light turns back to green and you exit the scare zone traveling 3-5mph. 


I signed up for the wrong time. Can I change it? 

All sales are final.  NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES.


I didn’t get(lost) my email confirmation, what should I do? 

Our ticketing site will send out event and time reminders 24 hours prior to your reserved time slot.

If my windows are down can the actors reach in? 

No, this is a non-contact haunt.  All vehicles are required to drive the course with their windows and sunroofs closed for the safety of our visitors and our staff. 


If it rains or is bad weather will you cancel the event? 

We plan on staying open in rain as our actors and sets have some weather protection. If the weather poses a threat to our staff or visitors’ safety (such as high winds or lightning), we do reserve the right to shut down operations until the threat has passed. 


Is there an age restriction for the event? 

Not recommended for children under 10 years of age for the night time show. If you are concerned you or your passengers may be too frightened, please tell our ticketing scanners, they will provide you with a glow stick for the hands off your vehicle, toned down scare.  The Family Friendly event is open to children of all ages. 


Do the doors need to be on my Jeep? 

Yes, vehicles need solid doors and windows closed to drive thru.